Why Artmeet Ads?

Precise Targeting

You can reach graphic designers directly, ensuring your job postings are seen by the most relevant audience.

Flexible & Lower Cost

Advertise your job posts starting from just RM10 per day. Plus, enjoy the freedom to cancel anytime.

More Applicants

Attract a larger number of qualified candidates to your job postings. Expand your applicant pool effortlessly!

Our Statistics


Graphic Designers

Dive into a vast pool of talent comprising over 20,000 skilled graphic designers. Our platform connects you with a diverse community of creative professionals, ensuring your job postings are seen by the right candidates. With such a large and specialized talent pool at your fingertips, you can rest assured that you'll find the perfect match for your design needs, swiftly and efficiently.


Monthly Visitors

Expose your job postings to our audience of over 40,000 monthly visitors. With such extensive reach, your opportunities will receive maximum exposure, attracting a steady stream of qualified candidates eager to join your team. Check our web traffic at Similarweb.com.

How Artmeet Ads Work?

Your Ads will be placed on our Job Posting Page and All Freemium Job Pages


1 Credit = RM5

1 Day Ad

2 Credits

7 Days Ad

12 Credits

30 Days Ad

50 Credits

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