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Why You Need Mentorship?


Know about the current market demands

Improve Skills

Find the right ways to improve your skills

Career Guidance

Plan your career with experts


Building network is building money

More Exposure

Know how to market yourself

Make Money

Let experts to teach you how they make money!

How Artmeet Mentorship Work?

Step 1

Search the mentors based on expertises, industry, and topics that you are interested in

Step 2

Schedule a virtual meeting with your mentor via our platform with a few clicks

Step 3

Prepare a coffee and join the virtual meeting room to meet your mentor on time

What Can Do With Mentorship?

Mock Interview

Let your mentor grill you before HR

Get Feedback

Feedback make your works improve

Meet New Friends

Mentor can also be your friend

And more, explore by yourself...

Our Mentors

Daphnie Loong

Creative Director of Tofu Design

Sarah Samantha

Legal Associate of Peter Huang & Richard

Jeff Fan

Co-founder & CEO of

JinChi Tan

Facebook Ads Expert of Catalyst Digital

More mentors coming soon...

Pricing Plan

Mentorship Subscription

ONE (1) Mentorship Credit per month

FOUR (4) Weekly Workshops per month

Access to a Community of Like-Minded Designers

Artmeet Academy Badge

1 month Money-back Guarantee

RM 49

12 months Save 33% - Recommended

RM 399


Anyone can be mentee! No matter if you want to learn from industry experts, or just want to make new friend. Becoming a mentee is a good way to approach more opportunities!

Industry experts, senior designer, and any professionals are encouraged to be our mentor. It is not only limited in graphic design industry. As long as you think your professionalisms or experiences could help creative designers, you are welcome to join as a mentor

Yes, you need to pay some fees to meet with mentors as they spend time to share their experiences and knowledge with you. However, Artmeet is still identifying the payment model. It could be a pay-per-use or monthly subscription. You can let us know your preference in terms of the payment model when you fill up the "Join Waitlist" form

Yes, we pay you per mentorship session. Each session will take you around 1 hour. It can be 1-to-1 or 1-to-more. However, we can't confirm the amount that you will earn at the moment, because we are still validating how much the designers willing to pay. Please stay tuned with us to get more updates.

Good question! First, you will able to learn knowledges and understand the experiences from industry experts. Also, you can meet new friends via mentorship. Last, you will get an Artmeet Academy Badge to be displayed on your Artmeet Profile

You will receive an appreciation token anually. Also, you may work together with your mentee. For example, you can recruit your mentee or kickstart a project with him or her. There are many possibilities other than money!

Yes, you can stop the program at anytime

Yes, this is not a full-time job. You do not have much commitment. Just use our system to setup your free time to meet up your mentees

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