I am a creative individual with the ability to solve challenging problems. I am passionate about implementing my creative way of thinking into both my personal and professional journeys, and I strive to develop my skills in the areas that interest me.

I'm a former Software Analyst with four years of experience who has transitioned to become an Illustrator and Content Creator. My work as an Illustrator revolves around my self-owned business, while my Content Creation focuses on mental health, kids, and parenting topics.

As a creative individual with a natural inclination towards problem-solving and analytical thinking, I've found that the skills I've honed as a Software Analyst are perfectly suited to my new roles. I see this transition not as a departure from my previous career, but rather as a chance to express and apply my fundamental abilities in a fresh and exciting way.

I believe that my diverse skillset and background, coupled with my passion for creative work, make me a valuable asset in both my current and future pursuits.
Content Creator - Self-employed
2019 - Present
  • Produce articles and social media content that provide valuable tips and insight about fostering positive and healthy relationship between parent and children.
  • Develop articles and social media content that raise awareness and provide education on topics related to mental health, such as managing stress and anxiety, coping with difficult emotions, coping with children's challenging behavior, and cultivating positive mental health habits.
  • Produce articles and social media content centered on Montessori activities for children, early childhood development, and early childhood education, offering parents practical tips and strategies for promoting children's cognitive, emotional and social development.
Illustrator - Hexachromepastel 
2013 - Present
  • Created logo designs
  • Designed content
  • Created digital paintings and drawings
  • Designed book covers
  • Designed products
  • Created sticker designs
  • Wrote and designed engaging content for products
Graphic Designer - Mandiri International Remittance Sdn · Part-time
2010 - 2011
  • Collaborate with marketing team and other designers
  • Wrote and designed marketing bundle
PhotoshopSocial Media DesignSketchCanvaLogo DesignProcreateAdobe PhotoshopAdobe IllustratorSpark AR StudioDitigal DrawingSticker DesignBook Cover DesignCharacter DesignIllustratorAnimal DrawingCharacter Drawing
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Joined on Feb 2023