Design Contest : 5 Tips for Hosting a Successful Graphic Design Contest

If you are in need of a new logo, an infographic, or any other design project that requires outside help, hosting a graphic design contest could be the best solution for your needs. This article will provide 9 tips to help make sure that you host a successful graphic design contest.

1) Create clear guidelines and instructions

Provide detailed specifications about what type of designs you want and how submissions should be formatted before the start date. You’ll also want to include rules about what not to submit as well as some sort of submission deadline so people know when they have to get their work submitted.

2) Find 3-5 jurors

You’ll want someone who is knowledgeable about the field (either through experience or education), reliable and impartial to judge the entries.

3) Provide a prize

Offering cash prizes is a  great way to incentivize people’s participation. It is almost impossible to host a graphic contest without a prize because the graphic designers take time and effort to make the design. The prize shouldn’t be low because there is only one winner who can win the cash prize. It is a game of winner-take-all. Therefore, there is only a high cash prize that can attract pro designers to participate in your contest and design the best artworks. Remember, the pro designers have a good income, it is not easy to attract them if you provide a medium-tier cash prize. In shorts, provide a prize that is worth the time and effort for the designers that you are looking for.

4) Provide a few sample artwork that you prefer.

Graphic design is abstract and subjective. The designer’s design taste might be different from yours. Therefore, you need to provide a few samples that you like to see to provide a standard and framework for the designers to work with. The key is to provide samples that are not too detailed, so it’s easier for the designer who participates in your contest to interpret and recreate these designs on their own. This way you can ensure they deliver quality design pieces at a fast pace without taking up more of your time spent reviewing their work and prevent making the scope too narrow that will limit the designer’s creativity.

5) Communicate with the participants during the contest

If you think you can just do nothing at all after setting up the prize pool. It is hard for you to get satisfied with artworks. You should check the drafts submitted by the designers during the contest, and provide your feedback to let them know your perspective. You should also keep a close eye on their work to ensure the contest is progressing smoothly. You want them to be able and willing to complete your design project in a timely fashion, so you might need to remind them what still needs doing or provide additional feedback from time to time depending on how quickly they are working.


With these 5 tips, you can be sure that your graphic design contest is a success. Now it’s time to start planning! Remember, the more information you provide about what type of designs you want and how long the contest will run for, the better chance you have at attracting talented designers from all over the world. Good luck with hosting your next successful competition! Let us know if you are interested to host your contest on Artmeet~

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