The 5 Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Design Contest

Design contest are a great way to get designs quickly and cheaply. They also provide an opportunity for designers who have not been able to find work in the past, or those with more of a niche skill set, to compete on a level playing field. However, design contests can be tricky. There are some mistakes that you should avoid making if you want your contest to succeed!

1) Giving out too many instructions

If you give out too many instructions about what type of design they need, then the designer will just make something like what they did last time because it is easy for them! Give them creative freedom so that they produce their best work.

2) Confusing Deadline Dates

The deadline date may seem self-explanatory, but it is important to include when that date will arrive. There have been a lot of contests where the designers thought they had up until next Thursday and then suddenly lost!

3) Poorly Chosen Prizes

If you do not have a good prize, then the designers will not enter your contest. Make sure that the prize is something that they value and want to work for.

The prizes should also be fair because if you have a really valuable reward, then some designers will feel like it’s not worth their time or effort to enter your contest.

4) Poorly Chosen Rules

The rules are the backbone of your contest. They lay out what is required from each entrant and how they will be evaluated. A poorly chosen set of these can lead to a badly run competition that might not have any entries at all!

If the designers do not know what they need to produce or how it will be judged, then they won’t enter your contest.

5) Too High Entry Requirements

If you make it too difficult to enter or the requirements are unreasonable, then designers will not want to participate. You need to think about what your aim is for this contest before designing a set of rules that might be prohibitively hard in order for them to enter.


So what can you do to avoid these mistakes? You should make sure that your brief is clear and concise, and then be open-minded when it comes to the designs. If there are some things in a design that bother you, talk about them with the designer before making any decisions. And lastly, don’t forget to thank all of the designers who participated! Contact us – if you are interested to host a design contest on Artmeet~

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