6 Tips for How to Write a Cover Letter as a Graphic Designer

No matter how good you are, without a cover letter it’s unlikely that any companies will be interested in hiring you. In this blog post, we’re going to go over 6 tips for writing an effective graphic designer cover letter. These tips will make your application stand out from the rest!

Tip # One: Make sure the cover letter is tailored.

Every company has different requirements and guidelines, so make sure to tailor your application accordingly. Tailored cover letters can help you stand out from other applicants.

Tip # Two: Be specific about what your qualifications are and how they’re relevant to the job in question.

For example, if a company is looking for someone with experience designing logos, make sure that this information is included within your letter so that it’s readily available for review without having to go back through an extensive list of accomplishments or projects by scrolling down on their website. If not then there will be a greater chance of overlooking where you might have had some design success!

Tip # Three: Include any additional skill sets

You should include a list of skill sets such web design, print media production etc., which may help the employer understand why you’re well suited for the position at hand.

Tip # Four: Add Quick reference lists

You should include a list of references with contact information on the bottom. So that if they decide to follow up with one or more of your former employers you’ll be prepped for their call.

If any are willing to speak about your abilities then it’s best not to keep them in the dark by omitting this important piece of information and/or delaying until later when someone may have already moved onto another job opportunity!

Only use professional references who can attest to your skillset and work ethic from an objective perspective. This includes contacting other professionals outside of traditional circles such as professors, advisors etc., which will help broaden the scope and range between different types of people who might talk about you positively.

Tip # Five : Close by thanking the employer for their time and consideration.

Tip # Six: Be careful not to be too “wordy” in your cover letter!

Cover letters are often a way of learning more about an individual, so it’s important that you keep those details concise yet thorough. Ideally there should only be one page (or as close as possible) with no outside margins if using paper format over email or text message. It may take some trial and error before finding the best length for your particular needs, but always remember to stay within three paragraphs at most – including contact information on top with any other items like resumes.


It’s time to double-check that your resume is free of embarrassing (and damaging) errors and weaknesses. Last but no least, have a friend take a look at your cover letter, and ask him or her two questions: Does this sell me as the best person for the job? and Does it get you excited? If the answer to either is “no,” or even slight hesitation, go back for another pass. Stay tuned for more career insight blog on Artmeet.

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